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Welcome to Hydro Grow LED. If you are looking to buy LED grow lights, look no further because this is where you'll find the best grow lights in the world. Our Extreme and Sol LED grow lights yield on average 2-3x more than HID, a claim no other company dares to make. This is because our lights are engineered to meet 100% of the light requirements for your plants. And deliver eye-piercing light intensity as well as killer performance. So whether you are growing fresh organic produce, a personal herb garden or high production commercial produce, you will achieve lush greens, mouthwatering fruits and vegetables and mountains of harvest using lights from Hydro Grow.

Why Buy LED Grow Lights from Hydro Grow?

We convert LED skeptics into LED believers: Over the past 4 years, we've converted many die-hard HID users into true LED believers. This is because at Hydro Grow, we make it our top priority to bring you the best performing plant grow light on the market. And we prove it. In 4 years, we have gathered enough photos and videos to prove that our lights perform at least 2-3x better than HID or any other leading LED grow light brand. For most people, purchasing LED grow lights is a long term investment, so it is important that it meets all of your expectations. Peak performance. Vigorous growth. Abundant harvests. Every time. With years of independent testing, backed by loads of positive customer reviews and a 90 day return, try your Hydro Grow LED grow light today, risk free.

Before we thought about what goes into it,
we thought about the performance you'll get out of it.

Every detail detailed: When buying a LED grow light, don't be fooled by a cheaper light that claims to be comparable to Hydro Grow's lights. At Hydro Grow, before a new product is released to the market, every single detail - including the details you don't see - are relentlessly considered and reconsidered to ensure that we are providing you the highest quality grow light. For example, all Hydro Grow LED grow lights use Top-BIN (highest output and highest cost) LEDs ensuring that you are getting the highest quality LED chip. And we use a custom, thin-finned aluminum heat sink which provide up to 40% better heat transfer away from the LEDs than competing heat sink designs. These two features guarantee that you are getting the highest light output and longest life from your LEDs. So even though your garden may require routine maintenance, your LED lamp will not. Quality is easy to claim but hard to fake. So don't be fooled by a Hydro Grow's look-a-like, as quality is always compromised for a lower price.

The advantages have never been so bright

Advantages of LED Grow Lights:

LED grow lights are extremely energy efficient. As well as a low operating temperature, they consume up to 60% less electricity than traditional indoor grow lights such as HID. And they deliver an average of 2-3x more yield. So while you are saving money on electricity every month (and reducing your impact on the environment), you and your family can enjoy delicious fruits and veggies picked fresh from your garden, not from the store. LEDs also have a long lifespan -6 years on average (50,000hrs). That means more time enjoying your garden, and less time maintaining the garden (such as changing the bulb). Lastly, LEDs have a narrow light emitting range. This means we can pinpoint the light ranges that plants use most efficiently for photosynthesis. So every grow is like a gardener's Eden and every harvest is an incredible success.

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LED Articles

"The Sol-9 from Hydro Grow Led sets a new bench mark in LED technology, I was very skeptical when I first heard about the next generation of LEDs, but i shouldn't have. The light delivered a huge harvest of 487g in 70days. It also seemed to have none of the Cal/mag problems that LED growers find from time to time. All in all this light performs spectaculary, i highly recommend it. "



-Sol9 Review

"Have eight 336xPRO replacing eight 600 watt high pressure sodium and I am not missing a thing, watching the full moon rise Donnie keeps me up to date and the service after the sale is great "



-336X-Pro Review

"I am just finishing up my first grow with the Sol 4. The Sol 4 really does provide excellent coverage for a 3x3 grow tent while the Extreme 2 four light unit leaves some of the canopy without as much coverage. Of course, it does not come without a "price". The Sol 4 uses 200 watts while the extreme 2 uses only 120 watts. That's a whopping two thirds more power being consumed. The real test comparison would have been with a 6 light Extreme 2 unit as that would be the same wattage. But I have only 3x3 tents due to space issues. If using 80 watts more per tent is not a big issue, then the Sol 4 wins hands down. I have no problems with heat. With 4 plants per tent using an Ebb and Flow system, the 3x3 tent is full, the canopy is wall to wall and the height is consistent, all of which will maximize yield."

-Sol4 Review

"Hi Donnie, I've spent some serious time researching new led light companies, looked at everyone from trulight (which has copied the 336) to stealth Grow and Cidly. Either found huge units with many diodes, which appear to be outdated, or cheap looking knock-offs. A new 336 order, the replacement is changing my life. Thanks agin for the help."



-336X-Pro Review

"My first grow in a 2x3 tent, using a General Hydro Rainforest Aero/Hydro 66 and GH micro and bloom in a one to two ratio (the Lucas formula), 5 THC Bomb Seeds which were seedlings on 06-17 and are two weeks into flowering in a SCROG grow today 07-30. I had 11 branches before it was 6" high. The lights are the BEST. "



-Sol2 Review

"I would like to thank Hydro Grow LED for providing an excellent product AND, much more important when buying from abroad, helping with probably the industries best after sales support. The lamp works as promised and so the crop is expected to be excessively large. Can't see why growers still buy HPS and waste energy. Protect the Earth!"



-189X-Pro Review

"the light has performed flawleslly and customer service has been exellent. "



-Sol2 Review

"These lights are incredible, if you are on the sidelines, or up in the air about cost or performance, let me tell you once you see these lights in action you will be a believer. The cost savings and phenomenal growth are astounding. Thank you hydrogrow for some amazing products and super service after the fact. A believer you have made. Thanks Chris "



-189X-Pro Review

"I'm an indoor vegetable gardener living in a high rise without a usable balcony. I've tried many lights over the years, but none hold a candle to this set. Despite that I didn't even acquire seeds until months after my friends were already nursing their tomato seedlings from local nurseries, my harvest came in at least a month before theirs. It didn't matter that the container I had was "too small" either. I also had tons of baby lettuce in less than 3 weeks, despite that I totally crowded the container. My husband (who cares neither for gardens or vegetables) has even offered to buy me another unit because he is so impressed with the results. "

-168X-Pro Review

"I own the 126x and the 189x and love them so far.I have used the knockoff version of these guys lights, and let me tell you they arent even close. Par readings with my Apogee meter are almost double from 24" away then the knockoff version of Hydrogrows Leds. Had broken fans when I received my 189x (probably from Shipping), but customer service is top notch and sent out replacements with no questions asked! These are the best Leds on the market! "



-126X-Pro Review

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LED Greenhouse Lights
LED Greenhouse Lights
Hydro Grow is the leading developer of LED Greenhouse Lights. Our patented devices and manufacturing processes have changed the global LED industry, creating lights that are several times more powerful than any competitor. Our Greenhouse lights increase ROI and productivity while simultaneously increasing yields. Discover what our LED grow lights can do for your commercial operation.
LED Sustainablity
Why buy tasteless, hormone loaded fruits and veggies from the store when you can grow your own organic produce? We help empower individuals, families and communities to become self-reliant and to live a more healthy and active lifestyle. Our LED grow lights are popular with off-grid homesteaders and preppers to grow from seed to full flower for their indoor gardens, no matter the location or what the weather is outside.
LED School Research
Research and School Programs

Partner with Hydro Grow for your grade school, high school, or university student projects and agricultural research. As the industry leader in research and development of LED grow lights, we offer support for your projects and would love to share your results on our website. Ask us about our special educator discounts.

>>University of Washington grow results



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