Ordering Policies

The following Policies, Terms and Conditions apply to the use of www.hydrogrowled.com, as well as all transactions conducted on or off this site such as on Amazon, Ebay or via phone or mail order. By purchasing a product from Hydro Grow LED you are entering into a purchasing contract, the terms of which are explained below. This contract cannot be circumvented by any bank or processing agency, except through a court of law.


The preferred method to purchase products on hydrogrowled.com is by using our interactive shopping cart with your credit card; however due to regulations set in place by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express, we will only ship merchandise to the billing address of the credit card used for purchase. Exceptions to this policy can be made by contacting our sales department at 1-954-213-6763, or by downloading and returning our shipping waiver form (PDF to the right). Other accepted payment methods include cashiers checks or money orders, wire transfers, bank transfers and western union. If paying via wire transfer or Western Union, please contact our sales department for details.

Purchases made through our site will show up on your credit card statement as follows: “HGL Technologies LLC”.

Many times during online transactions the card-issuing bank will provide a credit card response that implies mismatched or unavailable information. In these instances the banks will process the funds for the transaction; however they require the merchant (Hydro Grow) to verify the identity of the card-holder prior to shipping the merchandise. If a response other than “AVS: Match (Y)” is given, ID verification will be required of the purchaser to ensure a fraud-free transaction. In the event the customer is unwilling to provide ID verification they will be refunded as per our order cancellation policy. These fraud prevention measures are in place to ensure privacy and protection to all of our customers.


All New LED lights offered on hydrogrowled.com come with a 120-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you purchased a LED light and for any reason are unsatisfied within 90 days of receiving the product, you can return the product for a refund of the purchase price less a 20% refurbishing fee and any shipping expenses.

Returns are limited to (1) LED Light per customer (no exceptions) and return postage is the responsibility of the consumer. Return merchandise must be in as-new condition, in original packaging, with all appropriate power cords and hanging pieces. If any part is missing, the sender will be charged additional fees for those parts. The refund will be processed via the same method used for payment within 48 hours of receiving the returned merchandise. There are no returns on refurbished or used LED lights, nor customized (color, lensing, etc…) special order or international models.


LED light exchanges are offered within 90 days of receiving your light, and are credited at 100% of the price you paid less the original shipping cost. Exchanges are limited to (2) LED Lights per customer, and return postage is the responsibility of the consumer. Returned merchandise for exchange must be in as-new condition, in original packaging, with all appropriate power cords and hanging pieces. If any part is missing or damaged, the sender will be charged additional fees for those parts or blemishes. Remaining funds will then be credited towards the the purchase of an alternate LED Light or Lights. Any new orders processed (including outside of the standard exchange period) via a partial or full credit applied towards the new order, from any exchanged product are ineligible for cancellation, return or refund.


Order cancellations are only offered in the event that your item(s) has not yet shipped and requests must be submitted via email to sales@hydrogrowled.com. If you wish to cancel your order for any reason, a 20% re-stocking fee will apply. Special order items, orders processed via our light exchange policy and customized LED lights are not eligible for cancellation or refund. There are no exceptions to this policy.


All LED Grow Lights including SOL, Alpha and X3 are are offered with a 5-year pro-rated warranty from the date of delivery, against manufacturer defects or shipping damage (such as failed LEDs, circuit boards, fans, power supplies or broken components). Any part that fails from normal operation (not due to customer neglect, abuse or error) is replaced free of charge during the first year. Starting the second year, warranty parts and replacements are pro-rated based on the remaining length of the warranty. For example during year 2 the customer will be responsible for 20% of the cost of new parts, year 3 will be 40%, year 4 will be 60% and year 5 will be 80%. The cost of shipping the parts is an additional expense that will be passed along to the customer starting Year 2.

To be eligible for free replacement parts, the customer is required to submit a warranty claim via hydrogrowparts.com. Replacement parts are shipped to the consumer for self-installation during the warranty period. If customer is unwilling to perform the repair of their light, they may ship the light to the Hydro Grow Repair Center at their own expense. Hydro Grow will not be liable for any damage caused by improper packaging or mishandling during the transportation of lights sent in to our facility for repair or on their return. A $75 repair fee will be charged for any light sent in for service (no exceptions) and a return shipping label must be included with each light for it to be returned to the customer.


When in stock, all LED products are shipped via UPS ground or USPS within 1-2 business days of receiving payment. When on back-order shipping can take from 3-6 weeks from the time you place your order. All products ship in discrete cardboard boxes to ensure your privacy. Tracking information for all orders is normally available within 24-36 hours of product shipment. Stock on hand, weekends and holidays may affect delivery or shipment times in some instances. In rare instances it may take 6-8 weeks to receive merchandise depending on order size and component stock.

Shipping to customers within the 48 contiguous US states is included in the purchase price of all products. Customers outside of the contiguous USA will be required to pay an international shipping surcharge.

International customers are advised to contact your local customs office to determine if the importation of LED Lights is allowed in your country, and what tariffs or duties you may be responsible to pay upon importation.

Damage that occurs during shipment is considered a warranty issue. If damage occurs to your item(s) during transport you must take clear photos of the condition of the box prior to opening. If the light(s) or components thereof are damaged, you are to supply clear photos of all damage via email to warranty@hydrogrowled.com. If multiple lights are damaged, you must label your photos so that they clearly demonstrate the damage inflicted on each individual unit. Hydro Grow will then contact the shipping company on your behalf, who may or may not contact you, may or may not schedule an appointment to view the merchandise, and may or may not pickup said merchandise from you. If the shipping company needs to view the merchandise, you will make yourself available to them within 7 days of receiving the merchandise so they can inspect the damage. If the shipping company is to pickup the merchandise from you, Hydro Grow will inform you of this prior to their arrival. If you have not been informed by Hydro Grow that the shipping company will pick up your light(s), you are not to turn them over to the shipping company in any instance.

If damage occurs to your item(s) during transport that is deemed by Hydro Grow to be repairable, replacement parts will be shipped to the customer for installation by the customer. If the customer is unable or unwilling to replace the parts themselves, they may ship the product both directions (to and from) Hydro Grow at their expense and peril. A return label must be included in each box with each light for it to be returned back to the customer by Hydro Grow, as we will not be liable for any additional damages that arise during transport as a result of the unwillingness or inability of a customer to repair their own fixture. A $75 fee per fixture will apply to any repair work performed by Hydro Grow employees due to unwillingness or inability of the customer to perform such repairs. If the light(s) receive additional damage during their return to Hydro Grow for repair, the customer will be responsible for the cost to repair any additional damage and/or processing of any claims via the shipping company for the additional damage. If damage occurs to the light(s) again in transit to the customer after being repaired, the customer is liable for the damages and must purchase replacement parts to be installed by a local handyman at their expense if they are unwilling to perform additional.