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The Penetrator 168X-PRO is the most powerful 300W grow light in the world and the future of your indoor garden.  Made of the highest thermal grade aluminum, the 168X-PRO grow light is designed to last a lifetime. Offering you more versatility than any other grow light with our bracket system and featuring our latest X3 lensing technology, nothing gives you a better mix of PAR intensity and coverage.

Loaded with our quantum-balanced G4 spectrum and the highest PAR per watt LEDs in the world, nothing gives you higher yields in less time. And thanks to our intelligent engineering with modular build design, it's the easiest light on the market to upgrade over the years with newer LEDs and lenses. 


Features: Full Spectrum 6-Band G4 spectrum for ALL Stages of Plant Growth. Extreme X3 lens technology. Industry's largest & most efficient heatsink. Power-linking. Modular internal build. Adjustable PAR maps.

What's Included:

  • (2) 84X-PRO 150W LED Grow Light Bars
  • (2) 2-Bar Hanging Brackets with Hardware
  • (1) IP65 6' Power Cord
  • (1) IP65 18" Connect Cords
  • (2) Steel Cable Hangers
  • Product Specifications:

  • Power: 300W
  • Coverage: Up to 4' x 4'(refer to PAR download)
  • LEDs: 168pcs High Power 3W
  • Spectrum: 440, 470, 525, 640, 660, 740
  • Ratios: 10% Blue, 15% Green, 75% Red
  • Dimensions: 24" L, 12-15"W, 3.3"H
  • Weight: 28lbs
  • Input Voltage: 110-280V
  • Amps: 2.6A@110V, 1.3A @ 220V
  • Operating Temp: 90°-105°F
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    Penetrator 168X-PRO 300W LED Grow Light

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    Penetrator LED Grow Lights are lab-proven to improve the quality of your harvest. Whether you're growing lettuce, tomatoes or cannabis, our advanced G4 spectrum produces higher yields of the highest finished quality compared to HID and CFL grow lights.

    Botanical Solutions (a licensed cannabis farmer in WA state) bought our 168XL lights to determine if they could provide comparable or better quality to their HPS lights. Here is what they had to say:

    "I have been growing our CH/HQ for 2 years with HPS lights. The tests were consistently: THC 3-4% CBD 7-8% (approximately 2:1 CBD - THC ratio).

    When I had the flowers under your LEDs tested, we got amazing results: 7.4%CBD & 14.8%THC! Almost Doubling the cannabinoids!"


    Yield comprisons of Hydro Grow vs Competitors

    Being the best is not a claim we make, it's a promise. We are so confident in the performance of our products, we guarantee they will out-yield any competitor in a side-by-side grow test or your money back (and you keep the light) click for details.

    After remaining undefeated in side-by-side grow tests for a decade, two world records, and often out-yielding competitors by 2-4X per watt, it's easy to be confident in what your product delivers. With 2.6X the yield of HTG supply, 3.6X the yield of Haight Solid State, and 3.1X the yield of Advanced LED (as proven via independent grow tests), NO competitor comes close to our performance, finished quality or technology. GUARANTEED. Not even HID can compete: our lights consistently deliver 2-4X the yield per watt of HPS.


    MAXIMUM COOLING With Advanced Thermal Management

    At Hydro Grow our entire LED Grow Light is one MASSIVE aluminum heat sink. Our dual-cooling technology increases efficiency by over 30% ensuring our LEDs are the brightest and longest lasting in the industry.

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    MAXIMUM COOLING With Advanced Thermal Management

    Heat is #1 cause of reduced output, lifespan and failure of a LED, which is why Hydro Grow designed the most advanced heat sink for LED Grow Lights in the world. Our 84XL light bar weighs 14lbs fully assembled, and yet over 10lbs of that is solid heat sink! At over 1lb of heat sink per 15W of LED, it's the most robust in the entire industry!

    Unique to Hydro Grow is our dual-cooling technology. Fins have been added to the outside to increase surface area for passive cooling by more than 30%! Fans on the rear of the unit provide active cooling, sucking cold air in and blowing warm air out either end. This prevents the "heat tunnel" affect you get with competing fixtures like Heliospectra or Black Dog, where one end is cool and the other is hot.

    Equally important to weight is the quality of material a heat sink is made of. Our competitors use T6061 aluminum with a thermal efficiency of 166W/m•K. Our T6063 aluminum cools over 17% more efficiently at 201W/m•K!

    Not only is our heat sink the largest in the industry, we use better quality materials and dual-cooling technology to bring you the most efficiently cooled LED Grow Lights in the world.

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    Dual Cooling Heatsink Technology

    Active and passive cooling, plus fins for extra surface area make our T6063 aluminum heat sink the most efficient in the industry.

    X-Lens vs Standrd Lens PAR Comparison

    MAXIMUM PENETRATION Through Advanced Optics

    The data doesn’t lie. Hydro Grow’s revolutionary X3 lens technology creates 3.5X the PAR over the same coverage area compared to competing LED lights from companies like Lumigrow, Illumitex, Heliospectra, Spyder, BlackDog and more.

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    MAXIMUM PENETRATION Through Advanced Optics

    Since our first Penetrator grow lights, Hydro Grow has lead the world in optical technology for LED grow lights. Back in 2011 we developed the X-Lens, the world's first compound secondary lens for grow lights. Since then we have made two revisions leading us to our current X3 lens technology.

    While many improvements have been made over the past decade, the standard lenses used in LED packaging are inefficient at keeping output concentrated within a set area. For example a standard 90° lens focuses about 50% of its energy within a true 90° dispersion pattern, whereas our X-lens concentrates over 95% of its energy within a 90° area!

    Secondary lenses also change what is known as the focal point of light. This allows the developer to engineer how deep the light can penetrate (maintain intensity over vertical distance). The graph to the left shows the amazing power of our X3 lens compared to the standard LED beneath it. At 3.5x the average PAR over the core lighting area, and 2.5X the PAR over the supplemental area, nothing penetrates deeper with a more concentrated coverage area than Penetrator X3.

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    MAXIMIUM GROWTH From Advanced Spectral Science

    Hydro Grow’s incredible G4 spectrum delivers more than 3X the PAR per watt of white LEDs. Our advanced spectral ratios of 10% Blue, 15% Green and 75% Red light have been proven by NASA to grow plants up to 25% faster while producing up to DOUBLE the yield compared to alternate ratios.

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    MAXIMIUM GROWTH From Advanced Spectral Science

    Spectrum is the most important factor of a grow light, controlling growth characteristics, quality, yield and cycle length. Testing from NASA (right) proves that a single, properly-calbirated spectrum from veg through bloom produces the fastest growth and highest yields.

    Hydro Grow uses ratios of 10% blue, 15% green and 75% red light, proven by NASA to finish plants up to 30% faster with up to 67% higher yield per square meter!

    Our advanced 6-Band G4 spectrum targets all 4 chlorophyll peaks with LEDs at 440nm, 470nm, 640nm, and 660nm. Our 525nm green targets a carotenoid peak and acts as a penetrant, allowing red and blue light to penetrate deeper through chloroplasts for MAXIMUM absorption. Our 740nm component increases photosynthetic rates an additional 30% and improves the finished quality/potency of your harvest.

    Compared to the 2700K white specrum of HPS, T5 & LED, the data to the right proves our chlorophyll-targeted G4 Spectrum is 300% more powerful (average PAR/watt) at producing PAR (photosynthetic) energy over the same core lighting area!

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    NASA testing on Spectral Variance with Starfire Tomatoes

    NASA Optimal Spectral Ratios White Light vs RGB for PAR creation
    Inverse Square Law

    MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY Using the Most Powerful LEDs

    Hydro Grow has been developing LEDs for horticultural use for over a decade. Our advanced understanding of optical engineering and thermal management, coupled with our PAR testing sphere has led to the most powerful PAR output per watt of any LED manufacturer, including Cree or Osram.

    Learn More>

    MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY Using the Most Powerful LEDs

    Some of our competitors want you to believe that just because Cree and Osram are well known for their white LEDs, they also make the best colored LEDs for grow lights. They couldn't be more wrong.

    At Hydro Grow we package our own LEDs just like Cree and Osram. Many of the chips we purchase are from the same Taiwan suppliers. But at the end of the day our LED package delivers 43-59% more PAR energy (dependent on color) at the same 700mA drive current.

    We test our LEDs against suppliers from all over the world once a year. This guarantees our grow lights have the highest PAR output per watt in the world.

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    336XL Hanging Configurations

    Hydro Grow recognizes no two gardens are the same. So rather than giving you a "one-size-fits-all" approach like all our competitors, we re-invented the LED grow light to give you customizable options! The 168X-PRO can be used in any one of 4 standard configurations from MAX PAR to MAX Coverage and everything in between. So whether you're growing lettuce, tomatoes, cannabis or watermelon, whether you're using a sea of green, screen method, LST or just growing plants naturally, our lights can be adjusted to give you the optimal results for how and what you grow. Download our PAR guide below to learn how to best use your new 168X-PRO grow light based on the type of plant you're growing.

    168XL PAR Output and Coverage Data

    Penetrator 168X-PRO Development History

    Over the past decade Hydro Grow has made countless improvements to our product lines. Take a walk back in time with us to see how your 168X-PRO evolved into the growing juggernaut it is today! While these products may not look exactly like the 168X-PRO, they are the ancestors that lead to the creation of it. If you want to see how far our products have come as a whole, check out our Product Development History page!

    168X-PRO LED Grow Light


    The first version of the 168X-PRO was the 126W Penetrator back in 2009. This model used 126 x 1W LEDs in 6 clusters arranged in 3 rows of 2. Featuring the first 6-band spectrum of 440, 470, 640, 660, 740 and 2700k white and 60° lenses.


    In 2010 the 126W Penetrator was upgraded with the PRO series, using 3W LEDs. The 2700k white was switched out for 6500k white and later 525 green, becoming the first LED grow light to use green.


    In 2011 the 168X-PRO was the first "light bar" we ever developed. This new model was the first in the world with our X-lens technology for up to 4X the PAR & penetration of competitors. It was also the first with a modular build design.


    In 2012 the X2 series was released with 25% higher output than X1. The casing was shrunk to reduce wasted materials. A dimming feature was added and later removed due to causing excess warranty issues.


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