Penetrator 168X-PRO 300W LED Grow Light

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The Penetrator 168X-PRO is the most powerful 300W LED grow light in the world and the future of your indoor garden. Made of the highest thermal grade aluminum, the Penetrator 168X-PRO grow light is designed to last a lifetime. Offering you more versatility than any other grow light with our bracket system and featuring our most powerful X3 lensing technology, nothing gives you a better mix of PAR intensity and coverage.

Loaded with our NASA-Proven G4 spectrum and the Highest PAR per watt LEDs in the world, nothing gives you higher yields in less time. And thanks to our intelligent engineering with modular build design, it's the easiest light on the market to upgrade over the years with newer LEDs and lenses.


Power: 300W
Coverage: Up to 4′ x 4′ (refer to PAR download)
LEDs: 168pcs High Power 3W
Spectrum: 440, 470, 525, 640, 660, 740
Ratios: 10% Blue, 15% Green, 75% Red
Dimensions: 24″ L, 12-20″W, 3.3″H
Weight: 28lbs
Input Voltage: 110-280V
Amps: 2.6A@110V, 1.3A @ 220V
Operating Temp: 90°-105°F


What's Included

(2) 84X-PRO LED Grow Light Bars

(1) IP65 6′ Power Cord

(1) IP65 18″ Connect Cords

(2) 168X-PRO Array Brackets

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The Best Full Spectrum 300W LED Grow Light Your Money Can Buy

Our X3 LED Grow Lights Give You Happier, Healthier & Heavier-Yielding Plants

Pat yourself on the back, because if you’ve made it this far you’re taking that first step towards having happier, healthier and heavier-yielding plants. By adding your new grow light to your cart you’ve decided you want those World-Record Yields that’ll make your friends jealous! You demand that American-made, commercial-grade performance and reliability. You aren’t fooled by Gimmicks – you want a spectrum proven by NASA and backed up by independent grow results. You want the longest warranty in the biz. Did we forget to mention the longest 120-Day trial period in the industry? Why shouldn’t you have it all? That’s why you’ve made the decision to put Hydro Grow to the test and see for yourself what tens of thousands around the world already know: the 168X-PRO is the Best 300W LED Grow Light Your money can buy.

Most Powerful in the World

Penetrator grow lights are Undefeated for 10 solid years with 2-4X the Yield per watt of competing LEDs and HID. A claim no competitor can make.

American Made, Commercial-Grade

Because Quality, Reliability and having a company who answers the phone when you call - are important to you.

World Record-Setting Yields

Who doesn’t want to make all their friends and colleagues jealous with the Biggest Buds in town?

NASA-Proven G4 Spectrum

You’re tired of all the Gimmicks and demand a spectrum that is proven by a respected Government Agency, to Yield up to 50% more in 30% less time!

5 Years Warranty

Because you invested your hard earned money in our product, we will stand by you for the long-haul on parts. Your heat sink is covered for life.

Performance Guaranteed

You deserve the longest 120-Day trial period in the industry and the ability to return any product you’re not satisfied with!

You’re Buying the Most Powerful and Versatile 300 Watt LED Grow Light in the World

With the most powerful spectral ratios tested by NASA for tomatoes, the most powerful X-lens technology, the Highest PAR Output LEDs in the World, and the Most Efficient wavelengths used by your plants, it’s easy to see how the 168X-PRO became the most powerful 300 Watt LED Grow Light in the World for your indoor garden. But it’s also the most versatile and customizable.

Being growers we know that your needs can change with time, which is why our lights can be broken down and reconfigured into any of our other models simply by purchasing the necessary parts. If after a year you want to make your 168X-PRO into 2pcs 84X-PRO, just purchase an extra power cord from our LED Grow Light parts store. No other competitor gives you this level of adaptability or versatility with time. And because our parts are upgradable, you never have to worry about your lights becoming obsolete! Yeah, we thought of everything (remember, we’re growers too).

Your New 300Watt LED Grow Light Replaces 600W to 750W HID Lights

If you’re making the switch from HID to LED, welcome to the 21st century of gardening. You’re going to be so much happier when your electric bill and AC needs are more than cut in half. And just imagine never losing another crop due to heat! But what you’re going to have a hard time believing (even when you’re seeing it for yourself) is the incredible quality and yield difference of our 300Watt LED Grow Lights compared to what you’re accustomed to with HID. Our 300 W LED Grow Lights replace 600W to 750W HID grow lights without any sacrifice in yield. So ditch that dinosaur HID and experience a higher quality of successful growing with Penetrator LED Grow Lights for your grow space!

FAQ - About Your Penetrator 300 Watt LED Grow Lights

Only 99.9% Convinced Our 168X-PRO LED Grow Light is Right for You?

We get it. It’s hard to be 100% certain about anything in this world, and choosing the RIGHT 300W LED Grow Light is a big buying decision. You work hard for your money, there are hundreds of options and you’ve likely been taken advantage of more than once. But you don’t need to be 100% convinced whether Hydro Grow is the right fit to try out our products. We give you 120 Days to test them (risk-free) against any competitor! So don’t stress, you can always return our product if you’re unsatisfied. And if you haven’t called us yet, we recommend doing so. We want you to see how much more experienced and knowledgeable our grow experts are compared to the rest of the industry (to help put your mind at ease that you’ve made the absolute best purchasing decision).

If you’re still on the fence between our lights and a competitor’s (and they offer a trial period) we encourage you to purchase them both! After all why should you have to choose? We want you to see first-hand how powerful our lights are compared to the competition, so there will be no question in your mind who you’re calling for your next grow lights! And after we wipe the floor with that competitor (as we have for 10 solid years) you can return their light for a refund. Don’t worry, they’re used to it. Let us earn your business by proving to you just how incredible our 168X-PRO LED Grow Lights truly are.

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