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This is What LED Confidence Looks Like

Since July 2009, Hydro Grow has won every independent grow test carried out between our lights and a competitor. Whether HID, LED, CFL, Sulfur Plasma or Induction, no other product has ever bested our own. Hydro Grow has all the confidence in the world that our products will continue to outperform all competitors, so we are offering a performance guarantee you won't find from any competitor.

Hydro Grow Guarantees:

Our Penetrator LED grow lights will out-yield any comparable wattage competing grow light in terms of the grams per watt for indoor applications.

If Our Lights Don't Perform As Claimed:

Between our 90-day trial period and performance guarantee, we want to remove any risk you have in evaluating our products for yourself. If our products don't perform as advertised, the amount you paid will be refunded and the light is yours to keep free of charge (limit 1 light per customer) at the end of your evaluation.

Performance Guarantee Eligibility

Ensuring a Fair & Honest Evaluation

The goal of any evaluation is to prove to the consumer they have made the absolute best purchasing decision by choosing Hydro Grow. In order for a grow test to be eligible for our Performance Guarantee, certain criteria must be met to ensure a fair and honest evaluation of our product. These are the criteria you must follow, that have been used by nearly every grower in the past who has done an independent comparison with Hydro Grow products:

The competing fixture must be within 20% of the wattage of the Hydro Grow fixture (ie: 300W Hydro Grow LED vs 240W-360W Competitor.

The plants under each fixture must be clones from the same mother plant to ensure comparable genetics.

50% more plants will be vegged compared to what is flowered (ie: 6 veg plants, 4 in flower). The largest from each group will be flowered to ensure the least variation in yield between individual plants.

All conditions must be documented equal between test groups (growing media, pH, temperature, humidity, CO2, nutrients, topping/training, etc...).

Light may not blend between competing fixtures - both grow areas must be isolated.

Results must be uploaded at least once every 10 days throughout test to at least one well-known online forum (,,, and feature at least 4 high resolution photos (10 megapixel+) of each test group.

A high resolution (1080P+) video at least one minute in length and documenting each test group, must be uploaded at least once every 10 days to Youtube.

At the end of the test plants must be harvested and weighed one at a time, from each test group, on video to ensure legitimacy of results. The results must then be submitted to the online forum.


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