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Independent LED vs LED Grow Light Comparisons

Back in 2009 almost everyone was a skeptic towards LED lights, and rightfully so. Competing manufacturers have always relied on over-the-top claims that were never achieved by the customer, leaving a bad taste in their mouth and tarnishing the reputation of the LED industry.

From Day 1 Hydro Grow sought to reverse the reputation damage done by our competitors, by showing how much better our technology performed via independent grow tests. We were also the first to make realistic claims of what our products could do, and in most cases customer results exceeded our promise.

We hope you enjoy these LED vs LED grow tests, which prove several times over that our lights outperform all others.

Hydro Grow vs Advanced LED - Over 3X the Yield!

HGL vs Haight Solid State: 4X the Yield!

HGL vs HTG Supply: 2.6X the Yield!

HGL vs Glow Panel - Over 2X the Yield!

336X-PRO vs 1200W HPS - 4X the Yield!

Independent LED vs HID Grow Tests

Aside from proving our lights outperformed all LED competitors (by a significant margin), another primary goal was to prove once and for all that HID grow lights were outdated technology.

In 2009, skeptic after skeptic said "LED lights can veg, but can't flower". So we put a challenge out on the forums and let the community vote on who they wanted to see perform LED vs HID side-by-side tests with our lights. The growers with the most votes had very good reputations on the forums, and some were even moderators or admin.

Lights were supplied as part of the challenge to several growers. One after another they all confirmed that not only were our lights superior to HPS, but they never did less than DOUBLE the grams per watt. So if you're still growing with HID, you're missing at least half the yield you would be achieving with Hydro Grow LEDs!

Watt for Watt LED vs HPS - 2.2X the Yield!

126W LED vs 250W MH - 2.2X the Yield!

205W LED vs 400W HPS - 2.1X the Yield!

HGL vs T5 for Multi-layer Basil

You've Never Seen Results Like These Before

Independent LED Grow Tests

Finding people to document independent side-by-side tests, and put together a video is a lot more difficult than finding people who will showcase their grow with your lights.

The following are videos of what independent growers like you have been able to achieve using our products as their stand alone grow light. There are hundreds more videos of our products online, so we selected some of the best to showcase here. You've never seen results like these before!

World Record Autoflower Yield

Growing Cucumbers with the 84X-PRO

1512W Perpetual Cycle LED Grow

2lbs from 504W of Hydro Grow LEDs

TheHerbalizor's 345W Penetrator Grow

Growing Watermelon with the 336X-PRO

1lbs Dry Yield From only 290W of LEDs

SOL 4 SCRog Supreme Time Lapse

SOL 9 Delivers 595g of Dry Buds

Growing Large Tomatoes with the 336X

189X-PRO Time Lapse Test

SOL 9 Delivers 1lbs on First Try

189X-PRO vs ProGrow400 Time Lapse


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