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Whether you're just starting out or considering the switch from HID, most consumers want to know they're making a solid investment that will pay itself back. With Hydro Grow LED grow lights, the numbers are always in your favor, and if you're growing medical marijuana the ROI is almost instantaneous. Let's dive in to a few examples:

ROI for "Home Growers"

To eliminate their expensive dependency on their dispensary, a medical marijuana patient wishes to begin growing their own plants at home. The patient currently consumes about 1.5 oz per month at $280/oz.

It takes approximately 90 days to complete a grow cycle, and thus the patient should maintain a minimum of 4.5oz (126g) to sustain his 3 month supply between harvest periods and curing.

Even in the hands of an amateur grower, Hydro Grow lights consistently deliver more than 1g of dried bud per watt and with experience upwards of 2g per watt. The grower in this example decides to purchase the 168XL at $949 USD. We will base the yield on 1g per watt.

The total cost of electric for the grow is $41.58 (based on $0.11/KwH national average), making the overall investment $990.58. The minimum yield is 10.7oz, or $3,000. In this example the grower recovers their full investment after the first harvest, and saves an additional $2009.42 over purchasing from their dispensary in the coming months.

ROI for Commercial Cannabis Production

A commercial cannabis grow operation is replacing their 1000W HPS lights with LEDs. Each 1000W HPS actually consumes about 1100W with ballast, and the entire facility uses 1500 lights. There are 8 flower rooms with 150 lights each, and 1 veg room with 300 lights.

Their goal is to achieve higher profitability from their current operation which presently yields 200lbs per week. Each pound is sold wholesale for $2400.

Hydro Grow lights have never delivered less than double the grams per watt of HPS lighting systems in side-by-side comparisons. On average our lights do 3-4X the yield per watt of HID, but for the sake of comparing we will stick to only double.

The total retail cost of 2750pcs 336XL (same wattage as 1500pcs 1000W HPS) is $4,809,750.

At double the yield (400lbs) the same facility running equal watts of LED would yield $960,000 per week, or $480,000 more than their previous HPS lights. It would therefore take 10 weeks of harvests before the facility would recover their initial $4.8M investment, and would then continue to profit an additional $4.8M every 10 weeks thereafter.


ROI for Commercial Greenhouse Production

A commercial greenhouse is considering replacing all the HID lights in a single greenhouse measuring 30' wide and 96' long. Currently they have 2 rows of 15 lights in each house, with each light consuming 470W. Their goal is to reduce their power consumption and maintenance costs, which eat into their profits.

Our Case Study at Swift Greenhouses showed that 270W of SOL LEDs (the equivalent of 135W of Alpha LEDs) provided comparable growth rates to 400W HPS lights consuming 470W of electricity each. Alpha lights however, come in 190W increments, and thus a single Alpha unit will provide comparable or better results than a 400W HPS.

The current lights are used an average of 8 hours per day throughout the year. The electrical rate is $0.15/KwH, and bulbs are changed every 7,200 hours at a cost of $30 including the maintenance technician. The LEDs will be changed every 50,000 hours at a cost of $200 per light.

The retail cost for 30pcs Alpha200 is $17,970. The electric savings is $3,679.20 per year, and the maintenance savings average out to $14.60 per year. At the end of 4 years the savings from electric and maintenance alone have paid for the initial investment of 30 lights. Each year thereafter the facility saves $3,693.80 per house they switch to LED. After 20 years of ownership this equates to $55,906.00 in savings.



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