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Engineered in the USA

Penetrator XB200 LED Grow Light

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Penetrator XB300 LED Grow Light

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Penetrator XB400 LED Grow Light

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LET'S GET RID OF THE TABOO Surrounding Marijuana Growing

While Hydro Grow does not condone the use of our products for any illegal purpose, we aren’t going to dance around the subject of marijuana growing like so many others in the industry. Without sugar coating it, most of you aren’t just looking for the Best LED Grow Lights of 2018, but the Best Grow Lights for Marijuana! We hear you, and where it’s legal we support you.

Hydro Grow was founded by Legally Licensed Marijuana Growers who set out to create the World’s Best Grow Lights for Marijuana. It’s the largest indoor cash-crop in the world and more states and countries are legalizing it every year. It’s only a matter of time before its legal everywhere and the taboo of discussing it is a thing of the past

Finally a Marijuana LED Grow Light
from legal mariguana growers

Growing marijuana is why about 95% of people shop for grow lights these days, so don’t be afraid to ask us any questions you have. Remember, we’re growers too! But we also have a lot of expertise in other industries such as floriculture, algae, multi-layer farming and commercial greenhouse optimization, so don’t be frightened by all the information related to marijuana. It’s simply the biggest industry related to our products, and one of the most difficult plants in the world to master the art of growing – making it a true testament to the amazing power of our grow lights.

Our Marijuana grow experts


Independently set & Verified World Records
For Highest Marijuana Yield

Unlike our competitors who show you biased grow tests performed in-house. Every claim made by Hydro Glow is based on ligitimate tests performed by independent grows like you. One of those growers who goes by 'Seymour Buds", set the World Record for the Highest Yield EVER on a single Autoflower Cannabis plant. Not once, but TWICE! Records that still hold today.

Feel Free to verify our world records from Dutch Passion Seed Co.

Independently Proven 2-4X the Yield vs
Competing Marijuana Led Grow Lights and HID

You’re not going to invest thousands on growing equipment to start growing Marijuana, with the hopes of achieving mediocre yields are you? We didn’t think so. And you’re probably not looking for mediocre quality either (if you wanted that you’d go to the dispensary, right)?

There’s a certain pride in growing your own medicine indoors, where you have complete control over your growing environment. So when it comes to choosing your grow light it makes total sense to buy the best Marijuana Grow Lights proven by NASA to deliver the Highest Yields in the Shortest Cycle Period, with the Highest (Lab-Proven) Finished Quality.

Our Marijuana Grow Lights are Independently Proven to:

Shorten Growth

Cycles as much as


Produces 2-4X The Yield Of HID Lights

Boosts Yield

Up To


Produces up to 3X the yield of competiting LEDs

Double your THC and CBDS

With The Best Led Grow Lights For Weed

There’s no arguing it, HID Grow Lights have been around since the 1960’s and gave birth to the indoor weed growing gold rush. But just because they’ve been the go-to grow light for years, doesn’t mean they give you the best results. In fact Penetrator LED grow lights have been consistently delivering at least double the grams per watt of HID for growing weed since they were first released in 2009! So it should come as no surprise that independent lab tests from marijuana samples submitted by licensed commercial growers, showed up to a 2 fold increase in THC and CBD production when buds from Penetrator grow lights were compared side-by-side with HPS samples of the same strain.

When I had the flowers under your LEDs Tested, We Got Amazing Results! 7.4% THC   14.8% CBD! Almost Doubling the Cannabinoids compared to our HPS plants!

3-4% 7.4% 7-8% 14.8%

Full Spectrum HID Grow Lights are Obsolete for Weed Growing

We’ve already established that our X-PRO Weed Growing Lights give you 4X more yield per watt than HPS. This is because white light (like HID Grow Lights or CFL) was designed for human vision, not growing weed. And yes people have used it for 50+ years to grow weed indoors, but when it comes to absorption by plants white light just doesn’t cut it.

Now that LEDs are available with the ability to fine-tune their spectral output for what plants absorb best, HID grow lights for weed are Obsolete. It’s only the old-timers who are stuck in their ways that haven’t yet made the switch to LED. Don’t be a grower stuck in the 60’s, jump forward to 2018 with the latest in weed grow light technology from Hydro Grow!

Even Full Spectrum All-White LED Growing Lights Produce 3X Less PAR

Even if you jump ahead to 2018, some LED companies are still stuck in 1962… When our light engine was built using all white LEDs not only did it produce 3X less PAR per watt, it also consumed 20% more power than our 6-band G4 Spectrum! And we’re not in the business of sacrificing PAR or increasing our power bill (I don’t think you are either). Nor is there some magical new white LED that suddenly bridges the efficiency-gap difference. White light is simply not efficient at producing High PAR values or a targeted spectrum, which are crucial for the highest yields in the shortest cycle length.

The problem as more and more companies enter the market is that most grow light sellers never test their own products on weed or compare them to any competitors to know just how poorly these all-white and 11-15 band LED Grow Lights perform. They just share the same “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” mentality of their target consumers. They don’t want to reinvent the “grow light wheel”, instead they preach: “But the sun is full spectrum white and so are HIDs. This is how it’s always been done so I’m not changing a thing”. Don’t fall into that archaic mentality, do it better! If everyone thought this way we wouldn’t have flatscreen tv’s or your beloved smart phone. And if everyone thought like Hydro Grow, we wouldn’t be doing 2-4X the yield per watt of our competition.

The sun wasn’t engineered specifically to grow plants and neither were HIDs, so there’s no sense in using white lights to grow marijuana if you care about quality and yield. You need full-spectrum, properly calibrated LED grow lights loaded with the wavelengths most efficiently absorbed and utilized by Marijuana. That’s why you came to Hydro Grow – because you’re tired of the gimmicks and half-assed approach to grow lights on our competitors’ sites. You want a manufacturer who has some skin in the same game you do, not one who makes grow lights they never use!

LED Plant Lights are one of the most expensive lighting options for your grow room, but at 4X the yield of HPS and Double the THC/CBD content for Cannabis, you can’t afford to use anything but Hydro Grow. Why roll the dice on an unproven competitor with no third-party confirmed claims? If you were growing lettuce at $2 a pound you could get by with some cheap grow lights and still get decent results. But you’re growing Cannabis, and decent is not what you signed up for! Excellence is what you demand.

Most growers see an instant ROI (return on investment) with our Cannabis grow lights, meaning the increased yield from their first harvest more than covers the entire cost of their LED lighting system. To see how fast your new cannabis grow lights will pay you back, and how much more they will continue to give you over time, check out our LED Grow Light Savings Calculator.

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