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Extreme X2 TM Series LED Grow Light
Group Shot Extreme Series

EXTREME Series are the most powerful and sought after LED grow lights in the world! Featuring our patent pending Extreme lens technology, the X2 lens provides 5.7 times the light intensity of a standard 90o primary lens. No other grow light on the market can rival the intensity of the X2, not even HPS!

NEW to Extreme is the Power-Selection feature, which gives you power to control your light intensity from low (0.5W) for clones and seedlings to medium (1.0W) for young plants to eye-piercing (3.0W) for robust flowering performance! That's like three lights in one! Its the perfect lighting solution for all indoor gardens.

SOL tm Series LED Grow LightSol Series Group Shot

Introducing Sol, Hydro Grow's next generation of LED grow lights. The Sol series utilize a 50W, 5-band integrated LED paired with a parabolic reflector to maximize the spectral blending and intensity of each LED. The Sol LED creates a penetrating stream of light so bright that we named the entire series after the Spanish word for sun.

Like all Hydro Grow lights, Sol features our signature modular internal build and ultra efficient heat sinks while coming in a smaller, lighter, more compact package! The next generation of grow lights has arrived and is bringing the power of the sun to your indoor garden!

There are many different types of LED growing lights on the market, so don't worry if you feel confused or overwhelmed because we're here to help! Hydro Grow offers two series of lights, the X2 and Sol, which we developed for growers, by growers. "But which lights are right for my garden?" We'll help you decide, just keep reading!

Let's Talk About the Similarities First...

At Hydro Grow, our vision is to develop industry-leading grow lights that give you amazing results, are effortless to maintain and have the level of quality you'd expect from a finely crafted watch, not a grow light. Because we know how much it costs you when a light fails in the middle of your grow cycle. So Hydro Grow invented the modular build process (patent-pending) to eliminate your losses and make down-time a thing of your past.


"But what is modular internal build and how does it benefit me?" Modular internal build means each light engine configuration is wired completely independently of each other. And if a part fails, the rest of your light keeps working. But best of all, making parts upgrades is completely painless and if part failures happen, warranty procedures are quick easy and requires no down time.

But modularity is only one of the unique features you get when purchasing a Hydro Grow LED light. you also get Top BIN LEDs. The difference between top and low BIN LED can vary as much as 40%, not only in it's light output but price. So even though high BIN LEDs also have a high cost, we don't cut any corners when it comes to delivering the highest output from each diode so your plants can flourish in it's goodness.

LED Grow Light


And to ensure each LED is operating at its optimum temperature, we designed our radial, thin-finned heat sinks. Excessive heat is damaging to your LEDs and without proper cooling, light output and lifespan can be reduced significantly. Our circular heat sinks dissipate heat away from your LEDs up to 40% more efficiently than industry standard heat sinks. So you get the most life and light intensity from each LED.

But beyond the internal build is the satisfaction in user experience. All of our units feature Power Linking - connecting up to 12 units in a series. So you don't need to bother looking for the power strip. And each of our units has a 6+ year lifespan with built in ballasts and fans. With everything built-in and optimized for record-setting yields, all you need to do is sit back and watch as your garden explodes with life!

In Summary, both series of Hydro grow LED grow lights feature:
>> Modular internal build
>> High BIN LEDs (highest output, highest cost per LED)
>> Custom heat sink
>> Power-Link
>> 50,000 hr lifespan
>> Built-in ballast and fans
>> Low Maintenance and no bulb changes
>> Energy efficient

Sol and Extreme (X2) LED Grow Lights - The Differences

Sol is a new state-of-the-art, stand-alone HID replacement with the same PAR output, penetration and coverage as their HID equivalent. Sol is perfect if you want the best HID replacement without sacrificing coverage area for penetration. The Extreme (X2) series LED grow lights are like HID on steroids, responsible for revolutionizing the indoor gardening industry! If you are a hard-core growing enthusiast who doesn't mind sacrificing a bit of coverage to achieve world-record breaking yields and the world's deepest penetration, X2 is your light. X2 is currently the most sought after LED grow light on the market.

While both series of grow lights are capable of achieving excellent results, there are fundamental differences in the manufacturing process that make each series of grow lights uniquely different. Ultimately whichever model you choose will provide phenomenal results, so no need to worry about making the wrong decision, unless you're still thinking about HID! Let's examine the differences of X2 vs Sol LED Grow Lights:

Hydro Grow LED
Extreme LED
LED Packing
50W, 5-band integrated LED chip: our integrated LED chip comprises of multiple 3W chips bonded to a silver-plated copper slug creating a dense LED matrix. Advantage of this arrangement is 25% reduction in production cost, lessening the impact it has on your wallet, allows us to make each LED fixture more compact, delivering a small footprint and a more streamlined appearance to your indoor garden.
3W high power diodes:3W individually packaged high-power LEDs. Advantage of this type of packaging is a cooler operating temperature which may lead to longer LED lifespan. This is a tried-and-true technology.
The 21 LED array makes up our 6-band Light Engine, a symbol that is iconic to Hydro Grow..
Light redirection
Fusion reflector: world's first patented square reflector for LED grow lights. Emits in the pattern of a square, offering you a true square coverage area which gives you 1.3x the coverage area of a circle with the same width. No light loss as with using a lens – as light is absorbed and travels through the lens, some light loss occurs.
Dual lens system: secondary lens redirects and amplifies light emitted by the primary lens, resulting in a beam of light that is 5.7x stronger than using a primary lens alone. No other LED grow light on the market has the penetrative power of our X2 lights, not even HID..
Recommended usage
commercial grow operations, all HID users, hobbyists, seedlings/clones, microgreens, when coverage area is more important than light penetration.
gardening enthusiasts, medicinal cannabis growers, photophilic plants such as tomatoes and roses, all HID users who need more light penetration.


Remember, you can never get back the time or the harvest you lost
to your HIDs
but you can always get your money back with Hydro Grow.

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