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420X-PRO - 615W LED Grow Light

420X-PRO - 615W LED Grow Light

Model number: HGL420X2-PRO

LED Grow Light Features: Power selection control, modular internal build, superior thermal management, Power-Link, EXTREME (X2) Lens, 6-band spectrum, ultra low heat signature.

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 3 Years Warranty            90 Day Return Policy


Product Description

The 420X-PRO LED Grow Light is the most powerful grow light in the world for vertical gardening systems, with tested PAR output matching that of a 1000W HPS! Our refined and Patent-Pending 3rd Generation spectrum features quantum balancing to ensure lightning fast growth rates, record breaking yields, tight internode spacing, super-dense flowers, and fruits so monstrous you'll bring all your outdoor plants indoors!

Spectrum is only half the equation to enormous yields however, because light must be delivered efficiently through plant tissues at high intensities to ensure optimal penetration/absorption. Our Patent Pending X2 lens was developed specifically for this purpose, and is the most powerful optic ever invented for LED Grow Lights. Data proves the X2 lens provides an astonishing 569% higher light intensity compared to the same light without the X2 lens, a feat the competition has been unable to duplicate.

X2™ LED Grow Lights lead the world in performance, quality, and reliability, which has been proven time and again by third-party testing and real-time output data. Thanks to our ever-growing engineering and development team who work continuously throughout the year advancing our technologies, we are proud to say that X2 LED Grow Lights are the most powerful horticultural grow lights in the world. Purchase a 336X-PRO today and experience the pinnacle of growing technology in your indoor garden.



  • Ultimate PAR Control: Easily switch from 0.5W to 1.0W to 3.0W power settings
  • Modular Internal Build: Fully upgradable, easy warranties
  • Thermal Management: Custom copper core heatsinks quickly dissipates heat for cool operating temperatures
  • Streamlined and Neat: Multiple units can be Power-Linked™ up to 1200W
  • Powerful: 2nd Gen ultra penetration X-Lens™ delivers light deep into the canopy
  • Versatile: Power cord available in 110v, 220v and international plugs

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X lens Product Line

Technical Specifications

420X-PRO LED Grow Light

420 x 3W High Power LEDs from Bridgelux, Epistar and SemiLED
85v - 265v
2.8A @ 220v; 5.6A @ 110v
90°F -110°F (32.2°C - 43.3°C)
440nm, 470nm, 525nm, 640nm, 660nm, 740nm
2 x 120mm dual bearing cooling fans
23.5" Tall x 11" Wide (60 cm x 27cm)
30lbs (13.6kg)
36" Vertical x 30" Horizontal (191cm x 76cm @ 61cm)

Extreme LED Advantages

  • Environmentally friendly - No Mercury, 100% recyclable
  • Easy Maintenance: no bulb replacements
  • Up to 65% energy savings compared to HID
  • Robust growth: grow 2x the yield of HID
  • Long LED Lifespan: 50,000+ hrs
  • No accessories necessary: no cooling equipment, ballast or reflectors needed
  • Can be used with any growing method - hydroponic, aeroponics, soil
  • Integrated heavy duty ratcheting hanging system
Grow Light

Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR)

About PAR: Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) specifies the spectral range from 400nm to 700nm that photosynthetic organisms use to process photosynthesis. Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD) measured in micromoles per meter squared per second (µmol/m2/s) quantifies the number of photons (or micromoles) in PAR that are available for plants to conduct photosynthesis.

Quick Stats >>>>>>>>

  • HPS has 25% more coverage area
  • LED 2.8x lifespan (vs traditional MH or HPS bulb)
Product Description
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